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 Sunfriend Satellite has been in business for over 40 Years starting as a home appliances company then siftings to satellites. Starting with Japanese BS Satellites then to Direct TV which sold out to Sky Perfect (a Fox /Japanese Company) after 5 years. Since there were many Foreigners living on Okinawa we did many different satellites from China to Philippines to Taiwan to Korean and then to AFN. My main business is AFN and Sky Perfect TV (167 channels around 25 to 30 in English). There are a large number of Apartments and Mansions that we have setup equipped with AFN preinstalled so individual dishes need not be installed. Less cost for occupants that need not purchase a dish or have install, maintain and repair. All you need is a AFN Decoder you can purchase at the BX Power Zone for $225.00 or ask us we usually have a supply of used Decoders.


Premium Sky Perfect TV is a Dual Fox/Japanese Satellite with 160+ channels of TV and 100 channels of Music. There are about 30 channels in English. I’m an agent for Sky Perfect TV for more info google skyperfectv/english or call us.


Unless you have purchased a local TV or Tuner then programs that are available in Japan can not be seen because the encryption in the local B-CAS system. TV’s or tuners purchased locally is required in order to watch programs that are broadcast in Japan. If you have a Japanese tuner and still have a problem your antenna system needs to be checked out. We do repairs on antennas and Japanese satellites. For those who wish to watch local channels we sell Japanese Tuners used or new. 

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